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Good day, all our investors! 

Our dear investors, partners and customers. TP FX PRO LTD. is a stable investment company, where you can reach high financial achievement. Already for 203 days our company providing high investment services for investors around the world. 
The management of the company does its best to ensure that all investors are satisfied with our investment opportunities. 

We would like to share with company achievement for today: 

- Total Invested: $15,848,034.57 
- Total Withdrawn: $5,350,729.63 
- Total Investors: 15232 
- Global Alexa Rank: 31,520 

Here is our Audience Geography Alexa TOP 3 Country: 

- United States - 7,883 
- United Kingdom - 9,540 
- Germany - 15,924 

We remind that if you have any questions about our company, investment's or any kind of other questions, don't shy and contact us already today! 
Friendly customer support will be glad to help you! 
There is also option to contact official representative. You can find list of them at our webpage. 

TP FX PRO provides for worldwide investors option to grow up their capital from their homes. With our safe and solid company you will find out your way for financial freedom. 

You can reach your prosperity already today! 
Just join TP FX PRO LTD. 

Sincerely Yours, 
John Mayer, 
60 Cannon Street, 
London, United Kingdom, 


Hyip Scams

HYIP-scam is a program that don’t pay to investors. It looks like this: HYIP site operates, but the payments are delayed for an indefinite period. As practice shows, the delay may last until the website closure. In this article we will look at the most popular types of HYIP scams.

One of the most popular types of scams, which you can come across in HYIP programs is “hacking access.” The administrator or principal decides that it is time to terminate the project life, and creates a special history. Following it, you will learn that some super hackers attacked the site and made it impossible for further work. To make this version more reliable the site stops working for some time, and then a respective message comes. This scenario is most often used, but no matter how paradoxical it may sound, sometimes real hacking occurs.

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that all HYIPs investments presuppose high risks. We do not promote or endorse any programs listed here. Some programs may be illegal depending on your country's laws. Past Performance of any of programs is no guarantee for the same or similar future performance. Paying status and others status is for this monitor not for your. We don't give practice, all investments decisions are yours. DON'T SPEND WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE!

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